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ST165 Women’s Lady Luck G-String with Hematite Pendant in Silver Erotic Body Jewelry


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A work of fine art you can wear.

We are proud to exclusively offer the fine works of renowned Parisian erotic artist, Sylvie Monthule in North America. All Sylvie Monthule items are handmade in France, with high quality hypoallergenic materials.

” Erotic Jewelry in harmony with one’s body and desires.”

This Women’s “Lady Luck” waist band with clitoral pendent is simply exquisite. The cast and heavy Silver plated (10 Microns) figurine is shaped to fit a woman’s body. The hematite pendent is perfectly placed to provide wonderful sensations under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all. The gold chains gently lay to the side of the labia, and connect to a comfortable thong type elastic waist band, suitable for all day wear. Don’t forget the matching men’s piece!

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, & XXL.

All Sylvie Monthule designs are protected under international copyright law.

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